CPR and AED Training

CPR and AED Training

Content and Structure for CPR and AED 

blue tick 2Ensures compliance with The Resuscitation Council UK
blue tick 2Survival Rates
blue tick 2Heart Attacks/Sudden Cardiac Arrest/Angina
blue tick 2The Heart’s Electrical System and Heart Rhythms
blue tick 2Practical assessment of resuscitation with an AED
blue tick 2AED Safety Considerations
blue tick 2Recovery Position£25
blue tick 2Developed by Health & Social Care Professionals
blue tick 2High Quality Training Experience
blue tick 2Approximate duration: 3 hours
blue tick 2Certificate of Achievement



CPR (cardio pulmonary resuscitation) and the use of AED can literally save lives. AED machines are becoming increasingly familiar, with devices now available for use in shopping centres, schools, airports etc.

There is evidence that supports early defibrillation is without a doubt, the single most effective treatment for sudden cardiac arrest and its recovery.

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