Fire Safety in the Workplace

Fire Safety in the Workplace


The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 has made fire safety training a legal requirement for staff members.


This Fire Safety in the Workplace ½ day course will provide individuals with greater fire safety awareness and is designed to increase their knowledge, skills and confidence if faced with a fire emergency and the action they should take.

Structure and Content


  • Fire Safety in the WorkplaceUnderstand the causes of fire.
  • Be aware of how fire can develop and spread.
  • Be more fire safety conscious in the workplace.
  • Understand the need for good housekeeping and following fire safety procedures.
  • Be aware of the various types of fire extinguisher and what fires they are used for.
  • Recognise the actions to take in the event of a fire emergency
  • Understand the importance of Fire Drills
  • Know where to locate fire points and how to raise the alarm



Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service provides fire safety advice and guidance regarding fire safety legislation for fire safety at work and other places.