Venepuncture Training

Venepuncture Training

This 1 day course has been designed to cover all the skills and knowledge required to safely carry out venepuncture.

Delegates will be able to practice on a model during the course, however the delegate will have to undergo supervised practice in a clinical setting to be confirmed as competent.

Course Content and Structure


  • Understand what Phlebotomy and Venepuncture is
  • Understand Professional Practice, Accountability and Competency
  • Understand Anatomy and Physiology relating to Venepuncture
  • Be able to identify veins suitable for phlebotomy
  • Understand Contraindications and Unsuitable veins
  • Understand the Assessment of and communication with patients
  • Understand informed consent
  • Understand Health and safety: Potential complications
  • Understand Infection control and safe disposal of equipment95-venepuncture-training
  • Familiarisation with equipment used
  • Practice obtaining a venous blood sample from a teaching model
  • Practicing cannulation on a teaching model
  • Understand the record keeping process





The National Association of Phlebotomists is committed to the sharing of evidence-based practice through the acquisition of knowledge; development of skills that reflect the memberships’ needs and promote professional recognition through established training programs.